Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Klaas Kids is Doing Great Work.

I never feel I have thanked Brad Dennis of Klaas Kids Foundation enough for all the work he's done raising the awareness of American kids being exploited and trafficked in the sex trade in our own backyards. Together, through trainings and advocacy, we have brought the voices of our domestic victims to the table to be heard throughout Florida.

The Klaas Kids Foundation works to search and assist missing and trafficked children and their families. They provide many resources to families whose children run away, are missing or are known to be exploited in the commercial sex trade; including search and rescue services for children deemed "endangered" runaway/missing. They are also a wellspring of information and resources for the general community. Inquiries are taken from private citizens, social service agencies, law enforcement and others at (415) 331-6867.

Click here for Klaas Kids' October 2008 newsletter.

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